Celebrating the wisdom of humanity

 The Vision
There is a wisdom within each person. It comes from experience and reflection upon this experience that gives insight, peace, purpose and all the qualities that are essential to being human beings and to living in greater harmony with other. It is waiting to be shared. Sometimes people share their wisdom directly and sometimes it simply comes through choices and actions.

In our western culture we have not been encouraged to develop our freedom in expression, though our constitution in America boasts of such fundamental rights. Culture, religion, mores passed through generations have left many of our people bereft of the inner confidence that leads to the knowing ALL have wisdom and VOICING it can build up our world.

Truthjam is all about this vision, this inspiration. Through my own direct successful experience of forming a local monthly event targeted to this end, I believe that people sharing their insight to deep questions…people of all demographics, of all ages, of all backgrounds giving voice has a ripple effect of building up the person and building up the whole. This naturally has the effect of harmony between peoples, innovation of service, inspiration of new ideas to benefit the entire creation and so much more.

Within us is a potential beyond our imagining, it is there, and only there, where we tap the resource that leads to wholeness- in all its beauty.

Some of the goals are to:

*Learn from each other
*Discover wisdom that you did not know you had
*Build confidence to risk being vulnerable and express your truth
*Experience unconditional acceptance through the entire process
*Build connectivity and community as we each experience the wisdom within us all

How will it work?

*One question will be posed for a period of time, during which all can send in personal 1-2 minute video giving their answer to the question. We will also be out and about capturing spontaneous videos.

*The videos will be posted in forum style and shared with the nation

*Truthjam is just forming its plan for inspiring a nation, if you have ideas you wish to submit please email kimberly at: We are open to affiliations, benefactors, team members and all in all, great ideas!