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Blessing School--- to come.
hildren and adults are a blessing, are blessed and can blessed, all as a part of our birthright. This school will offer formation and training in how to bless, how to create ritual, and how to open to have their words by moved from a place of Spirit.

Inspired Service
Young adults oftentimes have fantastic ideas to serve the community around them, or even the world. This initiative will provide sponsorship, mentorship and funding to great ideas of service.

New forms of chant, new forms of spiritual music, new forms of inspired writing and gifts. This part of TheikoSoma will be a way for production and distribution to happen.

TheikoSoma Ritual

This ritual will have common elements and ever changing leaders and themes.

The framework is simple:
*Opening space of quiet meditation and music
*Inspired Word
    Coming into a new experience together
    Opening music and inspired words
    Visiting spiritual leader 
    Some form of expression from that particular tradition,
      such as African drumming, Buddhist chant, etc.
*Inspired Communion
      Breaking Bread
      Food and Drink are living symbols connecting us to the earth and to each other
      Each gathering we will, in the living memory of Christ, the anointed, 
      consecrate bread, break it, and eat it together. All are invited to share in 
      the words

Reflection. All are invited to share a word as they are inspired
Music to chant or sing
*Inspired Dance
      Stay as the playlist offers a platform for movement into deeper embodiment
      of the theme.

      Potluck will be offered during this time so you can come and go....
      Suggested Donation: 15.00 for adults.  5-15.00 for students

Voices of Truth

The church in action, a setup for targeted age groups to be able to explore the truth within themselves and express it to the world. It is aimed to connect them to, and celebrate the wisdom already within.

Learning from others their age, building confidence to risk being vulnerable, experiencing unconditional acceptance through the people managing the forum (me included) and the structure.

How does it work?

*One question will be posed for a period of time, during which all in that age group can send in personal 1-3 minute videos giving their answer to the question. We will also be out and about capturing spontaneous videos.

*The videos will be posted in forum style and shared with the nation

There will be a place for those in age groups to interact about their thoughts, what inspires them, where are the quandaries, confusions, insights,…etc. There will also be parameters to keep it positive at all times.

*The Voices of Truth will start local and expand organically to the nation. Eventually leading to a yearly conference for participants to meet face to face.