New Location: Osho Meditation Center. 1025 Rosewood Avenue #107

TheikoSoma. A Mystic Ritual of Word~Bread~Dance. 
This is a safe place to bring your unique spiritual path into a communal experience. The focus is to offer a container wherein we can each open ourselves into the ecstatic experience of love and truth, and invite us courageously to honor ourselves and that inspiration arising within us.

Herein, we experience we are One Body

Our spring gatherings will be another series of heart opening, mind opening, soul opening themes 
with a new format. 
Sundays will be the ritual combining inspired word, chant, songs, bread and wine, meditation and movement
Saturdays will be devoted to meditation and dance! Going deeper into the theme of the month

Sunday, January 29th 5-7pm: Mystic Ritual: Divine Play and Delight: The Courage to BE Spontaneous
Followed by Cosmic Dance and Potluck!

 Sunday, February 12 5-7pm Mystic Ritual: Pain, Suffering and Forgiveness: Paths of Self-Compassion
Saturday, February 25th 7-9pm Cosmic Dance! Pain, Suffering and Forgiveness: A Dance of Self-Compassion

Sunday March 12th 5-7pm Mystic Ritual: Are You a Mystic? Sounding the Silence, Trust the Knowing Within
Saturday, March 25th 7-9pm Cosmic Dance! Are You A Mystic? Dance the Knowing Within

Sunday April 9th 5-7pm Mystic Ritual: Stand in Your Greatness: Bring Unworthiness Into the Light
Saturday April 22nd 7-9pm Cosmic Dance! Stand in Your Greatness: Bring Unworthiness Into the Light

We have had a powerful and moving start to our gatherings~
Thank you to the team and everyone else who made it possible.

Our first themes were: 
The Body of Kali, The Body of Christ; Living Wild; The Beloved; Sacred Protest
Re-Membering the Feminine and Masculine; Your Story: A Divine Narrative